Chinese Medicine
"Diagram of sexagesimal cycle of circulatory phases."
This circle diagram shows the combination sequence of
the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches
to form the sexagesimal cycle of 60 years.
Liu Wenshu, Suwen rushi yunqi lun'ao, preface 1099.

Published Book

Speaking of Epidemics in Chinese Medicine: Disease and the Geographic Imagination in Late Imperial China. A cultural history of the Chinese geographic imagination through a biography of the disease-concept wenbing (Warm diseases), a history of Chinese ethno-epidemiology, and conceptions of regional differences in climates, constitutions, and contagions in Chinese medicine.

Current Projects

Understanding is Within One's Grasp (Liaoran zai wo): Hand mnemonics, Chinese arts of memory and the esoteric-vernacular spectrum of knowledge”

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