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December 23, 2003

Dear Colleague:

This letter solicits applications for the Career Development Program of the Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Lymphoma Caner. This Program funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health is directed at translational research to reduce cancer incidence and mortality by cost-effective application of advances in basic science. The SPORE includes funds for career development of faculty members who are or will be specifically involved in full translational research in lymphoma cancer. We are looking for investigators/projects to blossom into full translational projects. With this in mind, well-developed proposals will be considered for support up to $150,000 for 1 year.

Candidates eligible for consideration include faculty members at any level in the University who wish to direct their efforts into translational research in lymphoma cancer. Prospective candidates should submit a biographical sketch on NIH form PHS 398, a one page description of their career goals and interests in translational research in lymphoma cancer including past experience, NIH biographical sketch and other support pages of a proposed mentor in the field of lymphoma cancer, preferably a SPORE investigator. Renewal applications should submit an NIH biographical sketch and other support on PHS 398 forms and a one-page progress report.

The criteria for selection of candidates for support are:

Feasibility and quality of the proposed area of research
Translational importance of the proposed research
Interactions with other SPORE investigators

The applications will be evaluated initially by current SPORE project and core leaders. Final selections will be made by the SPORE Steering Committee members based on this evaluation and programmatic goals.

Funded individuals will submit a yearly progress report that will be formally reviewed by the SPORE project leaders and Steering Committee and submitted to the NIH as part of the SPORE progress report. In addition, the mentor will be interviewed to discuss the progress of the individual. The expectation is that supported individuals will achieve independent translational research status in the area of lymphoma cancer. Attendance at the monthly meetings of the SPORE program is required.

Please address any inquiries and 10 paper copies and 1 electronic copy on disk of the application to:
Cynthia Morin
SPORE Programs Academic Coordinator
1503 E. Jefferson Street, Room 304A
Baltimore, MD 21231
Telephone #: 410-955-7327
Fax #: 410-955-8780

The deadline for submission for applications is February 1, 2004. Project funding will begin in February.

In addition to accepting career development proposals we are also accepting proposals for our pilot project program. We ask that investigators only apply for one or the other as the allotment of funds is flexible.

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