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Why choose Johns Hopkins?

The Johns Hopkins Usability and Evaluation Service provides an unmatched opportunity to assess device usability, by combining first-class testing facilities with the vast intellectual capital of researchers and clinicians across Johns Hopkins.

photo of usability testing

Our staff includes clinicians and human factors professionals who work daily in our hospitals and clinics and have witnessed how device design and product design can contribute to unanticipated errors by busy clinicians and patients.

Our Experts

  • Human factors engineers, usability experts and patient safety specialists from the Armstrong Institute and The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Simulation design experts from The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center
  • Systems engineers from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other bedside clinicians
  • Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University‚Äôs schools of Medicine, Public Health and Engineering

About The Armstrong Institute

The Armstrong Institute aims to reduce preventable harm, improve patient outcomes and enhance the value and equity of care for patients at Johns Hopkins and around the world.

The institute not only oversees safety and quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine, but also coordinates national and international safety programs that have saved many lives and millions of dollars.

To advance the science of safety and redesign care delivery systems, our staff brings together clinicians with experts in other fields, including human factors, systems engineering and human-computer interaction.

Our work in these disciplines ranges from federally funded projects to improve infusion pump safety to collaborations with the industry to integrate and improve medical device safety, interoperability and usability.