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What services do we offer?

The Johns Hopkins Usability Evaluation and Testing Service unites extensive human factors, clinical and engineering expertise to help companies bring to market devices and products that are safe, effective and satisfying to use.

photo of the usability testing

We conduct assessments in accordance with FDA guidance, urging companies to consider use-related hazards as an important component of overall product safety and efficacy.

Our team provides you critical input in the both the design and assessment phases of product development.

Services We Offer

  • Perform evaluation and testing to analyze use-related hazards and risks of medical devices, consumer packaging, hardware, software and other medical products
  • Provide performance data regarding the safe and effective operation of products in simulated and real-life clinical and patient environments
  • Make subjective and objective assessments of user performance under lifelike simulated conditions
  • Recommend strategies and controls to reduce the likelihood or mitigate the consequences of use-related hazards
  • Produce evidence-based design recommendations for large and small systems, devices and products
  • Produce concrete and valid results using qualitative and quantitative methodologies to small and large datasets

Our Simulation Facilities

  • Operating rooms and ICUs with direct observation rooms
  • Outpatient clinic rooms
  • Debriefing and conference rooms
  • Viewing monitors in hallways
  • Advanced high-fidelity human patient simulators with the ability to capture patient care data
  • Sophisticated video-capture capabilities in each simulation room