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What are the benefits?

The need for high-quality usability testing of medical devices and products is greater than ever.

Even if a product is safe and reliable when operated correctly, it can still produce harm if its design doesn’t adequately consider the human-machine interface. 

Think about these questions in relation to medical products:

  • Can the device be used in unanticipated—and unsafe—ways?
  • Can clinicians read, interpret and act on important information on the display?
  • Can the device be operated safely in its intended clinical environment?

To answer such questions, the Food and Drug Administration is encouraging device manufacturers to identify and control the often unforeseen hazards revealed through actual use of devices.

usability testing photo

The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality now offers a usability testing service, which applies human factors and systems engineering methods to identify and address use-related hazards.

Our human factors, clinical and engineering personnel can help companies to minimize the potential for user error, assure that intended users are able to operate medical devices safely and effectively, and create products with significantly greater market appeal.