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Liver Tumor Center

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A Multidisciplinary Team Approach

As shocking and overwhelming as hearing the words, “You have a liver tumor,” are for patients, hearing the words, “We know how to treat this,” are just as comforting and reassuring. 

At the Johns Hopkins Medicine Liver Tumor Center, we offer patients a multidisciplinary team of experts who see patients with liver, gallbladder, and bile duct cancer and tumors during a one-day comprehensive evaluation. Patients see all of our specialists and receive a comprehensive assessment that same day.

Learn about new medical advances in treating liver cancerDr. Timothy Pawlik and Dr. Kelvin Hong discuss Johns Hopkins' comprehensive approach to treating patients Watch the webinar now.

Physicians Pawlik and Hamilton standing in a hallway of the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Meet Our Experts

Meet the specialists who team up to defeat liver tumors.

doctors performing a procedure in the operating room

Discover Our Treatments

Learn about the new ideas and treatments that bring hope to our patients.

Liver Cancer Patient Goes the Distance

Neuroendocrine tumor cancer survivor Marvin Leventer discusses his life-saving experience at Johns Hopkins, which includes a Whipple operation -- and, his will to complete a marathon after recovering from surgery.