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Articles & Columns by Paul B. Rothman, M.D.

  • How to Thrive in a Changing Health Care Environment - April 2015

    Paul B. Rothman, M.D., discusses the challenges academic medical centers face in the coming years.

  • An Integrated Health Care Delivery System - February 2015
    In short, the integration priority is about creating a streamlined, coordinated system, so that wherever a patient enters any particular part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, he or she will receive the same high-quality, high-value care.
  • State of Johns Hopkins Medicine: 2014 - December 2014

    We are in the midst of a transformation in the way health care is delivered and paid for in this country. Disruption in the industry provides a chance for us to help redefine the delivery of healthcare, medical education and research.

  • Focusing on Funding Shortfalls in Biomedical Research - November 2014

    Paul B. Rothman, M.D., and Dr. E. Albert Reece, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., address the federal government’s decrease in financial support for biomedical research over the last decade.

  • Why Diversity Matters - September 2014

    In order to attract, engage, develop and retain the world’s best people, Johns Hopkins has pledged to create a culture where diversity, inclusion, civility, collegiality and professionalism are championed, valued and exhibited.

  • Putting Patients First - July 2014
    Paul B. Rothman, M.D., shares an update on efforts to become the national leader in the safety, science, teaching and provision of patient- and family-centered care.
  • A World Class Education - June 2014
    Paul B. Rothman, M.D., discusses a vital piece of the Johns Hopkins tripartite mission: setting a standard of excellence in medical and life-sciences education. 
  • Leading the Nation in Patient Safety and Quality - April 2014
    Learn about the initiatives Johns Hopkins Medicine has undertaken to improve patient safety and quality, elminate preventable harm and optimize patient outcomes.
  • Addressing the Graying of Scientific Research - The Wall Street Journal (accessible through subscription only) - Mar. 5, 2014
    Paul B. Rothman, M.D., and Ronald J. Daniels discuss the shrinking number of grants awarded to young researchers. 
  • Investing in Biomedical Discovery - February 2014
    We strive to become the exemplary model for biomedical research and have outlined a bold new path with goals to advance and integrate discovery, innovation, translation, and dissemination.
  • Our International Reach - January 2014
    The goal of all of our international efforts is to improve the health of the world by creating and transmitting innovative knowledge and fostering discovery. 
  • State of Johns Hopkins Medicine: The Year in Review - December 2013
    As 2013 draws to a close, it is astounding to reflect on the tremendous changes we experienced together this year.
  • Addressing the Shift in Primary Care - September 2013
    Before we can begin to solve the problem of primary care, we must first look at its causes.
  • Learning from the Next Generation of Leaders - August 2013
    Johns Hopkins Medicine aims to lead the world in the education and training of physicians and biomedical scientists -- so feedback from our students is vitally important.
  • First Year Reflections - August 2013
    As his first year as the 14th dean of the medical faculty and the second CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine drew to a close, Dr. Rothman recently offered his perspective on the current state of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Thoughts Prior to Sequestration - March 2013
    The impending budget sequestration threatens our ability to pursue our efforts in research and improving our patients’ health. 
  • At the Center of Care - Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Feb. 1, 2013
    Putting patients and families first is key to addressing issues of patient safety. 
  • Catching up with Paul Rothman - The Gazette - Dec. 1, 2012
    Paul B. Rothman, M.D.started his “dream job” on July 1, the day he stepped into the role of dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • A New Chapter - Dome - Oct. 5, 2012
    When he agreed to become the dean of the medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Paul B. Rothman, M.D. signed up for a truly mountainous learning curve.
  • True to the Core - Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Sept. 1, 2012
    When you start as a new leader at an institution, the possibilities are vast and the concerns can be many.

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Paul B. Rothman, M.D.

Dr. Rothman is the Dean of the Medical Faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine. View his profile.

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