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Specimen Accessioning Core

The Specimen Accessioning Core (SAC) provides a centralized resource for the collection and processing of blood, bone marrow, and tissue samples from patients with malignancies as well as samples from normal volunteer donors.  This Core was established in order to facilitate and support the laboratory and clinical research, and more recently the personalized medicine effort within the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins (SKCCC).  All biospecimens are collected from patients who provided informed consent following an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved collection protocol. The SAC provides rigorous quality assurance and quality control for the acquisition, processing and storage of clinical samples.  Patient information associated with biospecimens can be retrieved while maintaining patient rights and confidentiality. An oversight committee serves to guide policies, prioritize resources, and review service requests to ensure equitable usage. The specific aims of this Core are to:

  1. Patient biospecimen procurement and annotation,
  2. Centralize accessioning of patient specimens,
  3. Process patient specimens and tissue samples utilizing good laboratory practices (GLP) procedures,   
  4. Store specimens in a well-controlled and monitored environment in order to ensure sample integrity,
  5. Quality Assurance and quality control of tissue and blood, and RNA/DNA/protein that are extracted from those biospecimens,
  6. Fairly and equitably distribute accessioned samples to investigators with IRB-approved research protocols.
  7. Maintain a secure database that includes detailed information on the handling and processing of the samples along with pertinent clinical and demographic data that correlate to the specimen.
  8. Provide expertise and support to investigators in the planning of biospecimen collection for the development of correlative biologic tests for clinical trials and for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analysis.
  9. Provide information regarding IRB requirements and assist the application for access to biospecimens.

Angelo DeMarzo, Faculty Director
Angen Liu, M.D., Ph.D., Laboratory Director
Kai Pollard, BS, BA, Resource Manager
Charles Collins, MPH, Sr. Program Manager

Contact: 410-502-3672


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