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Microarray Core

Since its establishment in November 2004, the Microarray Core has provided services with affordable rates and flexibility in a timely manner to Cancer Center members and to the Hopkins Medical Campus. The Core operates in conjunction with support from the Department of Medicine, has close links to the School of Medicine Affymetrix Core, and is seamlessly linked to the new Bioinformatics Core in the Cancer Center. In addition to offering services using Agilent gene expression and copy number measurement array platform since the last renewal, the Core has added Illumina Infinium BeadChip technology. Using Agilent and Illumina microarrays, the Core now offers full gene expression, micro RNA expression, DNA copy number variation, ChIP-on-chip, and genome-wide DNA methylation profiling. SNP analysis is also possible with the Core’s current platforms. The probe density on the arrays used has been increased from the regular 44K and single array format in 2004 up to 1000K now on both the Agilent and Illumina platforms.

The Core’s services also include RNA and genomic DNA isolations from different biological samples, sample quality assessment, help on array experiment design, design of custom arrays, and in-house array printing. Regarding array data analysis, the Core offers either preliminary analysis by its manager or introductory software training. In conjunction with the Bioinformatics Core, users are offered instructions for full data analysis with consultation and collaborative links to the Bioinformatics Core for more sophisticated needs. Regular microarray seminars arranged by the Bioinformatics Core and presentations by Agilent, Illumina, and other array offering companies, arranged by the Microarray Core are made available to all users, Center members, and the School of Medicine community

Stephen Baylin, M.D., Program Director
Wayne Yu, Ph.D., Program Manager

Contact: 410-502-7970


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