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Shared Resources

Shared Resources are an integrated set of facilities and services that aid laboratory and clinical research. Recently, new resources were added, to reflect emerging technologies and research advances, and several were merged to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
The Experimental and Computational Genomics Core is a new Core that integrates all of the Kimmel Cancer Center cancer genomics services. It provides the services previously offered through the Microarray Core, Next Generation Sequencing Core, and Bioinformatics Core. The new joint structure coordinates the activities of these highly interdependent resources.
The Flow Cytometry Core and Immunology Core merged and became the Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core, consolidating all immune monitoring services.
The Oncology Tissue Services Core, formerly known as the Tissue Microarray Core (TMA), provides a number of technologies, services and scientific consultation to support cancer research.
The Kimmel Cancer Center implemented iLab Solutions, a web-based Core management program that provides a single access portal to our Shared Resources to search and request services and make equipment reservations.

Registration and access web address: (Use JHED username and password to log on.)

Read the Shared Resources Consortium Pamphlet


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