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Glassware Washing Facility

The Glassware Washing Facility (a CCSG Core since 1976) is a Cancer Center managed resource which provides cleaning and sterilization of reusable laboratory glassware, instruments and equipment and provides sterilization of biohazardous tissue culture waste from Center research laboratories.  Routine services are washing, material wrapping/preparation for sterilization, pipette plugging, accomodating individual investigators’ customized washing and preparation needs, centralized autoclaving for media and liquids and biohazardous material.  The facility is located in the Bunting-Blaustein Cancer Research Building (CRB I) and services are provided by glassware washers supervised by an administrative supervisor.  Service logs are maintained and each investigator is charged for these services.  The facility is equiped with three washers, three autoclaves, two dryers and other assorted support equipment.  Currently two glassware washing staff members process glassware, media and waste.

In January 2006, the facility added support for Cancer Research Building II (CRB II).  In order to accommodate the additional demand, one washer, one autoclave and one dryer were added.  Casework was been added to increase and improve the efficiency of the prep/plugging area. There is one additional autoclave in CRBII to handle autoclaving of biohazardous waste.

Supervisor: Eric Davis, 4410-502-9544
Staff: Kay McNair, Paula Simpson

Contact: 410-955-8622


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