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Support, Services & Counseling

The Harry J. Duffey Family Patient and Family Services Program at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins provides professional counseling to our patients, families and care-givers with psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Living With Cancer Resource Program
Offers patients, families and caregivers a variety of support groups, educational workshops and programs designed to teach patients and their families how to cope with the effects of cancer.  For more information, call (410) 502-2789.  Click here for the Living With Cancer Calendar of  Events.

Department of Oncology Social Work provides for the psychological, social, emotional, and practical needs of cancer patients and their families.  They are masters-level social workers with expertise in the specialized field of oncology.  The social workers can teach you how to manage the stress and changes that may come with cancer.  The office, located on the first floor of the Weinberg Building, Suite 1210, offers you other services as well, such as information about housing, transportation, counseling, education and support groups.  For more information, call (410) 955-8934.

The Cancer Counseling Center provides counseling services that assist cancer patients and family members struggling with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatments. Experienced and caring staff provides emotional support while helping patients and family members problem solve issues of concern, whether the issue is a new diagnosis, relapse or end of life care. Skills are taught to help with the fears and high anxiety of this difficult time. Counseling is also available for those struggling with the emotional pain of loss and grief. Psychiatric services are available by referral.

Those requesting counseling can be seen individually, as a couple, or with their entire family. Our Cancer Counseling Center has convenient locations in the Weinberg Building on the Hopkins East Baltimore campus and at Green Spring Station in Baltimore County. Counseling is provided by appointment. For more information about the Cancer Counseling Center, call Carole Seddon, LCSW-C, BCD, at (410) 955-1010.

Click here for a complete listing of cancer-related websites and support groups.

Spiritual Support is another service offered at the Kimmel Cancer Center.  Whether you are newly diagnosed or in remission, we understand that you may struggle to understand why this has happened to you, feelings of guilt, anger, grief, or isolation from your faith community.  Beyond the support of our chaplaincy, which provides pastoral and spiritual care in a non-denominational setting, a private meditation room in the lobby of the Weinberg Building is open to patients and families 24-hours a day.  For inspiration, call to hear the recorded Prayer-for-the-Day line at (410) 955-8984, or to make an appointment with a chaplain, call the Department of Pastoral Services at (410) 955-5842.

The Resource and Transportation Coordinator attends to patients transportation needs including shuttles to and within the East Baltimore Campus.  For information, call (410) 955-6549.

Image Recovery
Operated by Image Recovery Centers, this program, located in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building in the first floor outpatient waiting area, offers services ranging from custom-made wigs, hats, scarves, pre- and postsurgical prosthesis and reconstruction products for breast cancer patients, skin and hand care products, and compression sleeves and stockings.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Phone: 410-502-5623  More information


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