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Media Center - Videos and Podcasts


CAnswers: a video series answering your questions about cancer from the faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

The Fine Print of Cancer is a video series educating patients and caregivers on topics of finances, advanced directives, hospice, caregiving, social security and more.

Walking on Eggshells is a caregiver's guide with practical, real-life direction on what to do and what to say when faced with potentially life-limiting diseases.

Chemo School is designed to take the fear out of chemotherapy for both the patient and their caregivers.

Joe Herman, M.D., radiation oncologist at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center discusses the use of stereotactic body radiation therapy as a way to treat tumors in cancer patients.

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Cancer News Review Podcasts

William Nelson
William Nelson, M.D., Ph.D.

Cancer Center director Dr. Bill Nelson reports on cancer research, treatment and policy news each month.  Increase your cancer IQ by subscribing to this podcast through Feedburner

8-08-2013 Play Now
Are new medications for diabetes causing pancreas cancer, African American men and prostate cancer risks, omega three fatty acids reduce breast cancer risks?

7-01-13 Play Now
Harnessing our immune system to fight cancer, PD1 Target, changes in the treatment of childhood cancer, cancer survivorship as public health problem.

12-3-11 Play Now
Fiber and colon cancer risk, alcohol and breast cancer, chronic inflammation and epigenetic changes, tumor factors that block metastasis

11-01-11 Play Now
Complications of prostate cancer treatment, colon cancer screening, HPV and oral cancers, liver cancer treatment, liver injury and obesity

9-23 -11  Play Now
Mammography and mastectomy, the immune system and cancer, and IUDs and cervical cancer

8-22-11  Play Now
Pets that sniff out cancer, new melanoma drug gets approved, inherited genes affect course of cancer, and smoking and bladder cancer.

8-2-11  Play Now
Height and cancer risk, childhood cancer treatment problems in developing countries, update your family history, and need for experts in interpreting large data sets

6-20-11  Play Now
Cell phone hazards, breast and prostate cancer prevention drugs, and screening for ovarian cancer

5-20-11  Play Now
Drug shortages, genetic testing and screening colonoscopy

4-15-11  Play Now
New antibody drug for melanoma, hormone replacement therapy for women, vitamin D and the heart drug digoxin in treating prostate cancer

3-29-11  Play Now
Environmental exposures, tailoring specific treatment and cancer risks among us

2-23-11  Play Now
Breast cancer studies and new recommendations on end of life care

1-24-11  Play Now
Head and neck cancer, blood tests for cancer, and the cost of cancer care

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Chemo School & Virtual Tour

Take our video class to learn about your first steps in receiving chemotherapy Chemo School
Prepare for your first visit with this "walking" tour of our clinical facilities.  Watch the video.


Promise and Progress
The magazine of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins.

On Target
A publication by the Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


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The Kimmel Wire

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