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Art of Healing Features Special Dedicated Performance by Pianist Jack Reilly

Art of Healing Performing Art Series Presents:

"The Silence of the Heart"

Jack Reilly
Twenty four pieces for Solo Piano
Composed and played by Jack Reilly

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Abeloff

WHEN:      Tuesday, November 9
                   Noon till 1 PM

WHERE:    Weinberg's Ceremonial Lobby

Dedicated to the late Dr. Martin Abeloff


        1)  C Major                                  7) E flat Major
        2) C Minor                                   8) E flat Minor
        3 D flat Major                              9) E Major
        4) C sharp Minor                      10) E minor
        5) D Major                                  11) F Major
        6) D Minor                                  12) F Minor



       13) F sharp Major                        19) A Major
       14) F sharp Minor                        20) A Minor
       15) G Major                                   21) B flat Major
       16) G Minor                                   22) B flat Minor
       17) A flat Major                              23) B Major
       18) G sharp Minor                        24) B Minor

The" Silence of the Heart" was composed in Jan/Feb/Mar of 2003 on the heals of my treatment and cure of prostate cancer in 2002.  It was during the 8 weeks of treatment at the Radiation/Oncology clinic, GREEN SPRING STATION, Lutherville, that I composed "THE GREEN SPRING SUITE".  I dedicated "The Green Spring Suite" to my doctors, radiology staff, musicians, my wife Carol, and friends who helped me through this tense and ironically, excitingly creative period in my life. Without them I would not be here. Prayer also played a major part in the healing process as did the music that poured out of me through the Creator. This was and is a chapter in my life that changed me forever.
In January of this year I decided to play the "Silence of the Heart" in public.  That meant I needed to get back to the piano and practice hours and hours in order to fine tooth comb each of the 24 sketches and transform them into real piano pieces.
Each of the 24 sections is in a different key or mode and the performance proceeds chromatically from C major through to B minor, like Bach's WELL TEMPORED KLAVIER. I will improvise during the performance as the Spirit moves me and as I travel from key to key, something akin to "from sea to shining sea"!
The music speaks for itself. That's a mystery and I love a mystery. I hope you do too.
Note of interest:
I first met Dr. Abeloff in 2004 when I premiered "THE GREEN SPRING SUITE" for an "ART of Healing" concert. We chatted in his office for 5-10 minutes before the performance and I felt like I had known him several lifetimes. He was cordial, gracious and genuinely interested in my work. He even came and listened to part of the trio's performance. I will never forget him. RIP
Amy Mone and her assistant Michelle have bent over backwards to make this concert possible. I wish to acknowledge their dedication and work, and to you for listening.
This is the first time Silence will be heard.
More information about Jack visit:

The Art of Healing Performing Art Series provides an uplifting environment for our patients, families, visitors and staff and is made possible by the generous support of the Emmert Hobbs Foundation, Inc.



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