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CBS News Reports on Cancer Genome Project - Read about Johns Hopkins' Pioneers in this field

On January 28, CBS Evening News will air a story on cancer genome mapping by The Cancer Genome Atlas program in a series called "As America Stands." What you may not know is that the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center was the first to map cancer genomes, having completed breast, colon, pancreatic and brain cancers. Of the 75 cancers in which all the genes have been mapped, 68 were done here at Johns Hopkins. Our scientists continue to lead efforts in performing "personalized" genome scanning studies to help develop new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Genome Mapping at Johns Hopkins:

"Personalized" Genome Map Yields Cause of Individual's Cancer

Pancreatic, Brain Cancers Mapped

Landscape of Genome Points to Pathways for Best Treatment Gains

Breast, Colon Cancers Mapped

Read about Genome Sequencing Methods at Johns Hopkins:


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