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Kevin Frick

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Health Policy and Management International Health



Research Summary

He combines his knowledge of economic analysis with clinical and epidemiological insights from his colleagues to produce cost-effectiveness analyses that bring the tools of economic decision making to policy-makers. He has focused on community-based interventions such as the Baltimore City Healthy Start program, the Experience Corps volunteer program for older adults, and an intervention to increase breastfeeding duration among low income women. These often occur complete outside of a physician's office, but have the opportunity to have a substantial impact on health. 

At present, his main focus is cost-effectiveness studies dealing with eye care and nursing. He has published several international cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness studies or framework papers on blinding trachoma, and is extending his work to include vision care services in the United States.

His newest venture, should he be able to obtain funding, is a plan to extend quality of life measurement methods.


Journal Citations

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