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Dr. Andrew Ewald

410-614-9288 (p)

Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology (Primary)
Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology (Secondary)
Member, Center for Cell Dynamics
Member, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Breast Cancer Research Program
Member, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program


- B.S. in Physics with Honors, Haverford College - Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, California Institute of Technology

  • Embryology Course, Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Postdoctoral Research in Epithelial Biology and Breast Cancer, University of California, San Francisco
Research Summary

The Ewald Lab seeks to elucidate the molecular regulation of collective cell migration during normal mammary development and during the invasion and metastatic spread of mammary tumors. The lab provides interdisciplinary training in both basic and translation aspects of cancer research. Dr. Ewald has an interdisciplinary training history and provides an interdisciplinary training environment.

Dr. Ewald originally trained in solid state physics, which he then applied in his Ph.D. to develop and apply advanced light microscopy techniques to study the molecular regulation of tissue movements during embryonic development.

During his postdoctoral studies he extended this foundation in developmental biology and microscopy to study the cellular basis of branching morphogenesis in the mammary gland. He demonstrated that normal mammary branching morphogenesis occurred through the generation of a high proliferation, low apico-basal polarity, high motility, transiently stratified epithelial intermediate. As this normal developmental process dynamically regulated many of the properties that are modulated during human breast tumor progression, he developed a series of related assays that enabled direct culture, observation and molecular manipulation of mouse models of mammary carcinoma, human mammary epithelium, and human mammary carcinomas.

His laboratory works on isolating the molecular regulators of epithelial invasion and dissemination in these 3D assays, using a combination of knockdown and knockout genetics and advanced molecular imaging. Trainees benefit from dual training in epithelial development and epithelial cancer invasion and learn state-of-the-art molecular genetics, 3D organotypic culture, and imaging techniques. Members of the lab range from biomedical engineers through cell and molecular biologists to medical oncology fellows and benefit from collaborations with faculty in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Pathology.

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