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Dr. Katharine Whartenby

Katharine Whartenby

Bone Marrow Transplantation Cancer Immunology


Cancer Immunology


Assistant Professor of Oncology


Ph.D., University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Research Summary

The research goals of the Whartenby lab are primarily to utilize the system of bone marrow transplantation with gene-modified bone marrow in order to induce antitumor immunity. A number of different strategies to inhibit and reverse the development of T- cell tolerance are being investigated. These findings are currently being further investigated for development into a clinical trial using gene-modified bone marrow differentiated into antigen presenting cells in vivo in order to induce antigen-specific immunity. Vaccination strategies for inducing antitumor immunity depend on effective antigen presentation. Studies are ongoing to identify the role of dendritic cell genes in the generation of tumor responses.

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