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Jennifer Seiler, Child Life Specialist

Jennifer graduated from Villa Julie College (Stevenson University) with a B.S. in Human Services in May 2008, and is currently working on her Masters in Early Childhood Education at Towson University. During her senior year of college, Jennifer conducted her child life internship with Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. She chose one of her two rotations in inpatient Oncology, and it was not until that rotation that she realized that she found her passion within the Child Life field.

In July 2008, Jennifer started her career as a Child Life Specialist in the Pediatric Emergency Department in the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. The fast-pace environment, variety of diagnosis, and urgency to prepare and support patients and families for upcoming procedures and unplanned admissions really helped her develop her core Child Life skills. For two years, she worked in the Emergency Department, helping support patients and families during times of crises. In September 2010, an opportunity arose for her to move into Outpatient Oncology. She is very excited to be a member of the Oncology Department at Hopkins.  Through support and teaching for not only the patient but the family as well, Jennifer hopes to help manage many fears and anxieties revolving around the cancer diagnosis and become an integral part of the team to help support families throughout their journey.
During her time at Hopkins, she have gained experience working with support groups. She has worked with the adolescent population in an Oncology Support Group, along with being an active group facilitator for a Bereavement Support group for siblings.  She hopes to get more involved in areas such a Camp Sunrise and SuperSibs as she grows in her role as an Outpatient Oncology Child Life Specialist. 
When asked several times how she deals with working with kids in the hospital, she always replys by saying that each kid she works with is an inspiration to her. They teach her how to live each day in the present, and despite a devastating diagnosis or illness, the kids are still kids and accordingly they still need to be given the opportunity to play. That is what keeps her coming back each day.


Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Pediatric Oncology facilities are located in the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.