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See What a Day in the Clinic Is Like

Each clinic day is centered around the unique needs of each patient. We ask that patients gather medical records---anything pertinent to their current condition---to send to our clinic coordinator at least three-to-four days in advance of their appointment
Your day will begin with a history and physical examination as well as a review of all relevant records and scans. Your appointment may also include additional tests and scans, such as a CT scan.

While you are meeting with a specialist, our panel conducts an extensive review of your case, you will meet with at least one of our experts, specifically chosen to suit your needs. In addition, all of our experts are available for you to see, and you may request to see any of them during your evaluation.  
In the afternoon, following your physician consult, your case is once again reviewed by an expanded group of pancreas cancer experts. Because we incorporate multiple reviews of your case, it is possible for your initial treatment plan to change. If that occurs, don’t worry. We will change your plan only after considering all the options. And, if it does change, you will be notified immediately. 
How long a day will you have?

Plan to arrive at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center in the morning. If you are having a CT scan, you may be required to arrive earlier. For patients traveling from out of town, our staff can help guide you to local accommodations.

We ask that patients plan their travels after 5 p.m. on the day of their visit.



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