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Developed by Johns Hopkins faculty, clinicians, and staff - based on research and successful implementation at Hopkins- these- Solutions are now available for purchase online at Medimetrix Solutions Exchange:

  • Perioperative Handoff Toolkit
    Provides a step-by-step approach to conducting a patient transfer from the time a patient arrives at the PACU or ICU from the operating room. The Toolkit fulfills all of the Joint Commission handoff criteria and standardizes an easy-to-follow 5-step protocol that provides for limited interruptions through its organized.
  • Guided Care Chronic Care Management Toolkit
    Guided Care is a new solution to the growing challenge of caring for older adults with chronic condition and complex health needs. A Guided Care nurse, based in a primary care office, works with two to five physicians and other members of the care team to provide coordinated, patient-centered, cost-effective health care to 50 to 60 of their chronically ill patients. 
  • Hospitalist Engagement and Retention Survey
    A customized report that rates hospitalists' morale (in the full range of hospital settings) based upon a survey of hospitalists at your institution, implemented by Johns Hopkins. The results include a score that can be compared to other hospitals to help you gauge your staff against the national average.
  • Comprehensive Business Plan Development Guide
    This detailed guide enables planners to develop concise, coherent and complete business plans for the presentation and review by hospitals' senior leadership and executive boards.
  • Due Diligence Assessment Guide
    This guide is a useful tool to ensure that you obtain all of the relevant information required from a prospective business partner prior to contract signing. Doing effective due diligence may be the most important business-related activity you will perform for your company.

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