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Cartilage Restoration

Cartilage Restoration Center Man Jogging

There was a time when people had to live with joint pain and physical limitations due to cartilage damage. But thanks to new medical advances, that time has passed. Housed at Johns Hopkins Bayview, experts at the Johns Hopkins Cartilage Restoration Center are dedicated to treatment alternatives for joint cartilage damage.

Today, innovative and exciting new developments are revolutionizing orthopaedic surgery, enabling surgeons to repair, regenerate or replace cartilage without resorting to the use of artificial joints.

Benefits of cartilage restoration may include:

  • Pain relief without the placement of artificial substances in the body;
  • Preventing the onset of arthritis;
  • Re-established performance to pre-injury levels;
  • Slowed progression of cartilage damage; and
  • Delayed need for joint replacement surgery.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 410-550-0453.

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