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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dear Applicant:

Dr. Hellmann

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Johns Hopkins Bayview has one of the nation’s premiere training programs in internal medicine. The program’s strengths derive from our philosophy, focus on innovation and commitment to excellence.

Our philosophy that “medicine is a public trust” pervades every aspect of our residency training, from our goal to train healers and leaders, to our attention to the diversity (both visible and invisible) of our residents, to our structured curriculum to teach mastery of physical examination skills and evidence-based medicine. We strive to create an environment that on a daily basis celebrates the reasons our residents chose to become physicians and that inspires them to become life-long contributors to the profession.

The finest tradition at Johns Hopkins—an emphasis on innovation—is vibrantly alive in our internal medicine training program. While there are many examples we could point to, let us highlight our nationally recognized “Aliki Initiative”, which is imbuing our residents and students with the importance of knowing each patient as an individual. Please see our video at for a fuller description.

We have an enduring commitment to excellence in teaching, patient care, research and collaboration to best serve our patients and our communities. This commitment affects every aspect of our campus and program. The Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine has been ranked in U.S. News and World Report at the highest level and nearly 40 percent of the department is now headquartered on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus. This means that residents training here have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with faculty who are contributing at a national and international level. The excellence of program director Dr. Colleen Christmas, assistant program directors Drs. Jennifer Hayashi and Sammy Zakaria, executive vice chairman of medicine and vice dean of education Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, and several other faculty also contribute to the extraordinary success our residents experience when they complete their training.

Colleen Christmas, M.D.

Finally, we want to emphasize our personal commitments to our residents. For example, Dr. Hellmann has spent 31 years at Johns Hopkins and chose to move to Johns Hopkins Bayview 10 years ago because of its many attractive assets for internal medicine training. He runs Morning Report every Monday, conducts rounds at the bedside with residents two days a week, presents at Noon Conferences regularly and has frequent one-on-one meetings with residents. We believe there has never been a better time to train in internal medicine and believe our exceptional program offers exemplary training for those who share our philosophy, passion and dedication to excellence. Again, let us thank you for visiting our website. We hope to meet you soon.


David B. Hellmann, M.D.
Aliki Perroti Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Chairman, Department of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University

Colleen Christmas, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
The Johns Hopkins University

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