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Application, Salary & Insurance Information

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our deadline for application is October 31. We only accept applications through the National Residency Patching Program. Dean’s letters are transmitted to us on October 1, and notification of application status will follow in the weeks after that. In addition to Dean’s letters, the following are the application criteria for the program:    

  • All applicants must apply through ERAS.
  • We require three letters of recommendation.
  • International Medical Graduates must be ECFMG certified at the time of application. If you are in the process of certification you would need to be certified by the time of the rank list submission.
  • US clinical experience is not mandatory.
  • We do not have a minimum USMLE score requirement, thought it is uncommon for us to accept someone who has failed step 1 into our program.
  • We do accept COMLEX scores.
  • We offer J-1 visas for international medical graduates (no exceptions).
  • We do not offer positions out of the Match.
  • We offer three tracks: Categorical, Primary Care/GIM and Preliminary.

The Johns Hopkins Bayview Department of Medicine is committed to provide training opportunities to qualified under-represented minorities. Such candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


November 2013:          4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26

December 2013:          2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18

We look forward to receiving your application and please feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

Lisa J. Shirk
Medical Training Program Administrator

Salary and Benefits (2012-2013)


  • PGY-1 $48,548
  • PGY-2 $50,885
  • PGY-3 $53,016


  • Choice of self-insured option or several health maintenance organizations.
  • Choice of dental plans: DMO or self-insured option subject to annual deductible and co-pays.
  • Free uniform and uniform laundry service.
  • Disability coverage.
  • Life insurance.
  • One month paid annual vacation. Sick leave, family leave and professional leave available.
    With respect to time away from training, please note that the ABIM has specific requirements regarding the length of training necessary to sit for the Boards; no more than 3 months in the 36 months can be used for vacation, illness or parental leave. To address this requirement while also understanding that residents may require leave during training (e.g. parental leave), we have designed an elective rotation that - with appropriate planning and prior approval by the program director - would allow a resident to participate in a program of self-directed learning that will be considered part of the 36 months of full-time medical residency education required by the ABIM. In this way, a resident could receive credit for a self-study elective (for example while on parental leave) even though the resident cannot participate in hospital-related activities. If this elective is successfully completed, the resident would not have to extend training beyond the usual 36-consecutive-month period.
  • Meal benefits include breakfast (fresh fruit, juice and coffee) and lunch at weekday conferences, and meal passes when on-call.
  • Confidential counseling and psychological support services including a weekly support group.   

Professional Liability Insurance

The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is an insured institutional participant in a program sponsored by several teaching hospitals and medical schools to underwrite medical malpractice and general liability insurance for themselves and the doctors closely affiliated with their institutions. The actual insurance policy has been issued by the Lexington Insurance Company.

The insurance policies are written on a "claims made" basis, which means they cover claims or adverse incidents actually reported during the current policy year resulting from services rendered after inception of individual coverage under this program. The scope of the physician's malpractice coverage closely parallels that customarily included in medical professional policies with the following exception: the limit of liability under Lexington is $3 million per claim and $145 million annual aggregate for all covered individuals and institutions.

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