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Support the Osler Center

How You Can Learn More and Support the Human Side of Medicine

Support the Human Side of Medicine

The best way to shape physicians with fine clinical communication skills is to provide strong mentors -- doctors who know how to build solid patient relationships. But most clinicians today have little time for teaching. Faced with the economic realities of modern health care, academic medical centers count on faculty physicians to bring in vital clinical income. Meanwhile, government and foundation grants provide meager support for teaching. And so, the mission of America's medical schools -- to turn out caring, knowledgeable doctors -- is being shortchanged.

For these reasons The Osler Center for Clinical Excellence is turning to individuals and corporations for help. Your donation to this Center will help restore a proud American tradition: the caring, well-informed personal physician.

For information about making a gift, please contact:

The Osler Center for Clinical Excellence
5200 Eastern Avenue
MFL Center Tower, Suite 355
Baltimore, MD, 21224
(410) 550-9893 phone
(410) 550-9931 fax
Attention: Donna Bolin,

Or, make a gift to the Osler Center with a credit card using our secure online giving form.


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