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Abstract Submissions

We will accept two types of abstracts: clinical vignettes and research. There is a 650-word limit and up to one figure is allowed. All abstracts will be selected by a personal committee. All selected abstracts will be presented as a poster format. Submit abstracts to using the official abstract form by August 15, 2014 by 11:59 p.m. EST. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by September 1, 2014 via email.

Clinical Vignette Abstracts

A clinical vignette is a report of one or more cases that illustrates a medical-religious interaction. It may include a summary of pertinent patient history, management description, and how the religious or spiritual component impacted patient care, patient experience, and/or professional growth in the physician or medical professional.

They should include:

  1. Purpose for study clinical vignette.
  2. Simple review of patient’s medical issue and spiritual/religious affiliation.
  3. Summary of outcomes.
  4. Reflection on how this impacted your personal and professional growth as a medical professional.

Research Abstracts

Submissions can report clinical, epidemiological and/or laboratory-based research that consists of a detailed review of a clinical problem and how a medical-religious partnership benefited such a health issue. Abstracts concerned with efficiency, cost or method of health care delivery, quality of care, and medical decision-making are encouraged. 

They shuld include:

1.       Purpose for study simple statement of methods.

2.       Summary of results (adequate to support conclusions).

3.       Statement of conclusions (Do not use phrases such as “The results will be discussed.”)

4.       This format may be modified, as appropriate, for clinical vignette submissions, or for research submissions diverging from the standard research methods.

Abstract Information and Instructions


Original abstracts that either have or have not been presented at other meetings will be considered. Abstracts are eligible if they have been published; however, abstracts based upon full papers that have been published are not eligible.

Author Eligibility

You are encouraged to write your abstract in a format similar to that used in scientific papers so that it may be cited in curriculum vitae or submitted as evidence of scholarly activity.

Abstract Format

  1. Abstracts must be typed on an official abstract form in single spaced 11 point font, and limited to 650 words.
  2. Title, typed in all caps, should be brief and clearly state content of paper.  Presenting author must list name first.
  3. List name and one degree only (e.g., M.D., DO) for each author.  Last name first.
  4. List names of authors’ institution(s), city, and state.

Symposium Location

Turner Auditorium
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
720 Rutland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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