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Community Relations Staff

Sharon JonesSharon Jones

Associate Director

Sharon Jones, associate director of community relations, serves on various boards as a representative of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. She also serves on hospital and community committees, and takes primary responsibility for the Medical Center’s blood drives. She has been employed at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center since 1979. Prior to her community relations role, Sharon served as the hospital's executive office manager, responsible for the daily operation of the Office of the President.

Pat CarrollPat Carroll

Community Relations Manager

Community relations manager Pat Carroll oversees programs that educate the community (youth and seniors), as well as hospital employees, about health and wellness. With a Johns Hopkins Bayview career spanning over 34 years, Pat was first employed as a clerk for the administrative offices. Through the years, she has advanced in the offices of administration, community relations and nursing administration.

Tom McLhinneyTom McLhinney

Community Program Manager

Tom McLhinney, community program manager, manages and conducts the Kiwanis Burn Prevention Education Program. He has been a member of the community relations team since 2001. In his role, Tom teaches burn prevention in schools, works with the Juvenile Fire Starters program and handles our Safe Babies Program and Burn Prevention outreach efforts. A member of the Baltimore City Fire Department for 32 years, Tom has worked closely with the Johns Hopkins Burn Center since 1981. In 2007, he received the Moncrief Award from the American Burn Association for his work in Burn Prevention and Education.

Kelli BarbatoKelli Barbato

Community Relations Coordinator

Kelli Barbato teaches Food Re-Education for Elementary School Health (FRESH) and Healthy Eating, Activity and Recreations for Today’s Scouts (HEARTS) to third and fourth graders. She represents the Medical Center to several community associations, participates in health fairs and offers blood pressure screenings to community members.

Kelli earned an undergraduate degree in family studies at Towson University. Before joining Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, she worked in several child-related facilities and classrooms.

April MeiseApril Meise

Community Relations Coordinator

April Meise has been part of the community relations team for over five years. She teaches Food Re-education for Elementary School Health (FRESH) to elementary students, offers blood pressure screenings at senior centers, and represents the hospital at health fairs and community events.

April holds an undergraduate degree in psychology. Prior to serving Johns Hopkins Bayview, she worked at St. Vincent’s Center, a residential treatment center for abused and neglected children.

Linda StewartLinda Stewart

Community Relations Coordinator

Linda Stewart, community relations coordinator, works with a diverse group of organizations, businesses and residents to meet health needs and strengthen linkages. Linda serves on community boards and hospital committees, conducts research for the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and manages our campus emergency food pantry (Southeast Emergency Needs Network). With experience in non-profit management, youth development and community building, Linda joined the community relations team in October 2013.

Linda is a graduate from Fisk University with an undergraduate degree in Spanish. She earned a master's in public administration at the University of San Francisco.

Elaine WelkieElaine Welkie

Community Relations Coordinator

Elaine Welkie, community relations coordinator, represents the hospital in the community and provides blood pressure screenings to a number of senior organizations in our service area. She serves on the hospital’s Cancer Committee and assists with several other hospital activities.

Elaine owns a small business and is a leader in her community, as well. She is a graduate of University of Maryland and holds a bachelor's degree in jurisprudence.

Roberta EyringRoberta Eyring

Executive Secretary

Roberta Eyring serves as executive secretary for the Community Relations Department. She provides administrative support to the department, including interacting with all levels of executive and support staff and with community leaders. She is involved in a variety of hospital activities, including the American Red Cross Blood drives and assisting the director with outreach projects. Roberta brings over 20 years of experience in the executive administrative field to the team.

Roberta is a graduate of Consolidated School of Business in York, PA, and holds an associate's degree in specialized business.

For more information or to contact the Community Relations Department, please call 410-550-0289.


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