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Patient and Family-Centered Care

mother with child

Caring for children and their families forms the core of everything we do at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Why? For many reasons. Research shows that when parents are included as part of the hospital’s care team, for example, they feel informed and empowered, and are better prepared to care for their child during and after the hospital stay. Also, mining the experience and knowledge of family members bolsters the health care encounter — all of which leads to better health outcomes for patients.

That’s why Johns Hopkins Children’s Center continues to strengthen its partnership with parents in the care of their children and seeks to create a culture that not only invites but also encourages family participation. 

We’ve Been There, Too
An online audio series exploring the patient experience through the eyes of parents and family members.

Our Journey in Special Education
At every meeting we were outnumbered—we knew we needed to be strong advocates, but how?

The Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me
A mother reflects on her son’s hospital experience and death.

Chronicling Your Child's CareKeeping a medical journal can help you gain some control over an out-of-control situation.

A Teaching Tool We Treasure

Our New Normal
We weren’t prepared for a life-threatening diagnosis just 24 hours after our son was born.

What Our Son Taught Us
Your journey will be uniquely yours—take one day at a time and embrace the moments.

When Your Child Needs Lifelong Medical Care
Treat the chronically ill child like any other child—love him or her unconditionally and set goals.

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