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Medical Student Support

Today, the average medical student is saddled with $100,000 in debt, so financial support is crucial. Annual dues payments help make it possible for the JHM&SA to fund a number of medical student scholarships each year.

Your dues also enrich the lives of medical students during their time in East Baltimore by funding a variety of programs and activities.

From our first week, when we arrived as fresh medical students and bashfully met our distinguished alumni; to our days before walking onto the wards, as we collected our pagers with a nervous excitement; to our celebrations at Match Day and Graduation, the JHM&SA has always been there for the medical students of Johns Hopkins, sharing and supporting us during our most precious times. We know that we can always count on the JHM&SA to guide us and look out for our best interests. Thank you JHM&SA!

- Herman Bagga, Former MSS President, Class of 2008

Stethoscope 2013

The Medical Student Society
The MSS represents the medical student body to faculty and administration and organizes social and educational activities.

JHM&SA Stethoscopes
The first-year medical students are presented with an engraved stethoscope, known as one of the universal symbols of being a doctor.

On September 24, 2013, the Class of 2017 received engraved stethoscopes, presented to them by the Johns Hopkins Medical & Surgical Association. Speakers included Paul Rothman, M.D., Dean and CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Roy Ziegelstein, M.D., Vice Dean for Education; Ralph Hruban, Med '85, President of the JHM&SA; Eileen (Patti) Vining, Med '72; and Iredell Iglehart III, Med '83.  Also in attendance were Matthew Gornet, Med '87, and Valerie Ratts, Med '87, who were able to present their daughter with her stethoscope..

Heart Healthy Snack Break
On Valentine's Day, the JHM&SA hosts a table overflowing with heart healthy snacks for students in the Armstrong Medical Education Building.



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