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Steven J Thompson
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Steven J. Thompson: Perspectives on Global Collaborative Health Care

About Steven J. Thompson

Steven J. Thompson is chief executive officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) and senior vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine overseeing all of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s international activities. Mr. Thompson founded and leads JHI, providing a focus for all of Johns Hopkins’ international activities. It is the mission of this organization to establish international programs and businesses that are consistent with and support the Johns Hopkins Medicine mission of excellence in clinical care, research and teaching.

Mr. Thompson is an expert on how health care institutions can collaborate internationally on both infrastructure and clinical delivery, how to build local and international pipelines for the recruitment and development of clinicians and other health care personnel, the public-private support of large health care projects, the upgrading of specialty care and patient safety, the role of clinical research in global health care, the increasing importance of preventive medicine, and the special challenges of improving health care in developing regions.

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From Baltimore to Beijing: Adventures in Global Health Care

  1. The Future of Health Care Globalization

    Most of us have at least a rough sense of what globalization means when it comes to cars, movies, vegetables, and information technology. But what does it mean when it comes to health care? A Google search on “health care” and “globalization” mostly leads to articles that focus on medical tourism, which is when patients […]
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014 14:27:02 +0000

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Decrying a Scourge of Health Care Development - One obstacle that sometimes impedes us here at Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) from expanding our health care systems collaborations into new regions is a problem of a different sort: corruption. Steven J. Thompson explains.


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Telecommuting can free employees from the time-wasting drudgery of long commutes, and from the many office distractions that can impede productivity. However, a frequent physical presence can be a crucial element of organizational success. Steven J. Thompson explains.


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