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Johns Hopkins Medicine International Leadership Team

Karen Frankson, M.A.

Director, Johns Hopkins USA

Karen Frankson-Vandevelde

Karen Frankson-Van de Velde is the director of Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins USA, a service centered on providing the highest level of concierge care to patients living outside of Maryland who wish to travel to Baltimore to access the expertise of Johns Hopkins physicians and hospital services.

During her 20 years with the organization, Frankson-Van de Velde has served in various patient-centered roles and responsibilities regarding patient care and services, and she enjoys cultivating long-standing personal relationships while connecting people to Johns Hopkins expertise through personalized paths to medical care.

In addition to her work with Johns Hopkins USA, she also serves as a steering committee member on the United Healthcare Consortium Global’s Executive Services Council and previously spent seven years working with the World Economic Forum during its annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland.

Frankson-Van de Velde holds a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from California State Polytechnic University and a master’s degree in international business and finance from Webster University in Austria. While in Austria, she completed internships with Marriott Hotels, the Chrysler Corporation and the United Nations.

Prior to her career at Johns Hopkins Medicine, she worked as a medical representative with AstraZeneca in Palm Springs, California. 

In her spare time, Frankson-Van de Velde enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband, and exposing their son and daughter to as many positive experiences as possible. She and her family are often attending one of their children’s various sporting events or taking weekend trips to explore the United States to learn more about its history.