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Johns Hopkins Medicine International Leadership Team

Hortenzia Beciu, M.D., M.P.H.

Director, Global Services

Hortenzia Beicu, Johns Hopkins Medicine International staff member

Ms. Hortenzia Beciu is the Director for the Middle East and Africa at JHI. Ms. Beciu provides directions and oversight in project management, research and analysis, as well as participate in JHI strategic planning. Ms. Beciu has extensive experience in the health sector, working with governments, development partners and various health industry groups (hospital sector, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and information technology).

Before joining the Hopkins team, she worked at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as Coordinator for the Corporation’s relations with the health industry and review of investment climate and business environment issues related to strengthening the role of the private health sector in emerging markets. She also led a large review on the financing and economics of scaling up education for health workers in low- and middle-income countries. She also worked for several years in the World Bank, conducting high-level health policy reviews as well as designing, implementing and supervising health systems projects. She was the country lead for Sierra Leone, under a Ministerial Leadership Initiative Program, conducting the dialogue with the government, coordinating activities with other development partners, and providing technical support in such areas as health financing, donor coordination, and health insurance. Jointly with USAID and other partners, she helped the Government of Liberia with its post war health care reconstruction efforts. And she led one of the World Bank programs for scaling up education of health workers in Ghana and Mozambique. Prior to her work at the World Bank group she also worked with the Pan American Health Organization and Institute for Health Services Management in Romania.

Hortenzia holds a medical degree from the University of Pharmacy and Medicine, Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania and a Master in Global Health, International Health, from the George Washington University.