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Welcome to The Johns Hopkins Medicine IRBs

ANNOUNCEMENT:  eIRB2 was launched on January 27, 2014.  Most eIRB1 protocols were migrated at that time to eIRB2, but protocols with pending actions were not migrated until after the pending actions were completed.

There are approximately 30 pending applications (New Applications and Further Study Actions) waiting for a response from the PI in eIRB1. If you have a pending application in eIRB1, you must submit your response to IRB issues by December 31, 2014. Effective January 1st, 2015, any pending actions in eIRB1 will be administratively withdrawn. Extensions will not be granted.


 The Institutional Official who has authority over the JHM Human Subjects Protection Program is the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation. The current Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation is Dr. Daniel E. Ford.

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutional Review Boards (JHM IRBs) are responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of the human subjects of research conducted by faculty and staff at the Institutions. The JHM IRBs review all human subjects research projects conducted by Hopkins faculty and staff. To fulfill the agreement underlying the assurances, and to satisfy institutional policy, all faculty and staff at the Institutions must submit for JHM IRB review any human subject research project, regardless of funding source (or lack thereof) and/or location at which the research will be conducted.

[ Please Note: Part-time faculty are obliged to obtain JHM IRB approval of all human subjects activities conducted under the auspices of their Hopkins’ appointment ( which means “use of Hopkins’ personnel or space or the use of the faculty appointment in correspondence, agreements with sponsors, etc…”)].

The Institutions operate under Federal-Wide Assurances associated with each of the organizations linked to the JHM IRBs. List of JHM FWAs

For more information on the federal guidelines that determine the kind of research the JHM IRB is required to approve please visit





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