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103.14 Organization Policy on Transfer of Protocol among JHM IRBs

July 2014

There are seven IRBs in the JHM Human Subjects Protection Program.  They are JHM IRB1, JHM IRB2, JHM IRB3, JHM IRB5, JHM IRB 6, JHM IRBX and JHM ACH IRB.  It is the policy of the Organization that protocols may be transferred from one IRB to another within the system.  Transfer may occur for the following reasons and under the following terms.

  1. When there is a change in the principal investigator to appoint a member of the IRB as the new PI, the application will be transferred to an IRB on which the PI does not serve.
  2. When there is a change in principal investigator to appoint a former member of the IRB, or a former chair of the IRB, the application will be transferred to an IRB on which the PI had not served.  This requirement will remain in effect for a period of two years after service on the IRB as a member or chair.
  3. Protocols may be transferred if the IRB of record believes it lacks the expertise required for review, a consultant is not available, or that expertise is available on another of the JHM IRBs.
  4. Protocols may be transferred from the JHM IRBs to the BSPH IRBs under terms of the Reciprocity Agreement on file with JHUSOM and JHUBSPH, when faculty appointments are changed within the JHU schools.

Protocols may be transferred for reasons other than those specific above after discussion with the Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation, IRB chairs, and OHSR staff. 




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