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About the Institute

Martin D. Abeloff, MD
Dr. Martin D. Abeloff

In 2006, recognizing potential threats to our educational mission, as well as new challenges and opportunities, leadership of the SOM established the Martin D. Abeloff Committee on Educational Values and Rewards to examine our educational strengths and challenges, and to suggest a forward thinking plan for the future.  Resulting from the exceptional work of this committee, a comprehensive plan was put forth, including the recommendation to create the IEE to support the efforts of the school and faculty and to strengthen the school’s national and international leadership role in medical education.  The SOM and the IEE  want to recognize the late Marty Abeloff, Director of Oncology, for whom the committee was named. Marty set the gold standard for leadership in academic medicine, clinical care, discovery and education, and we hope the work of the institute will honor his memory and legacy.

In a September 22nd, 2009, communication to all of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Dean Edward D. Miller, MD, then Dean of the Medical Faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, formally established the Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) to promote, value, and advance the education mission of the School of Medicine.  In that same communication he announced that Associate Professor of Medicine Joseph Cofrancesco Jr., MD, MPH, FACP, considered one of Hopkins' most respected educators and clinicians, was named the institute's inaugural director.

The ability to grow, inspire and prepare the next generation of great leaders in medicine rests in the hands of our educators, but many pressures, including the changing economic realities, clinical duties, intense competition for NIH and other grants, and a far stricter regulatory environment, threaten our teaching mission.  Patient-centered care, advances in the biomedical sciences and new teaching modalities require increased faculty involvement, as well as faculty dedicated to and trained in education skills. The Institute will ensure that teaching remains a priority by developing methods to: measure and critically evaluate educators and teaching programs, setting high standards, inspiring and supporting educators and new educational techniques, methods and technologies, encouraging educational scholarship, and giving value to and rewarding the educational work done by all faculty members.

Please contact us for more information and to learn what you can do to help Johns Hopkins continually improve its standards and enhance its reputation as a world leader in medical and biomedical education.

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