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Stem Cell Core Facility Services

The Stem Cell Core Facility can help you with almost all of your human stem cell needs. We only accept cells proven free of contamination. New cells are quarantined while undergoing a mandatory test for mycoplasma -- this will incur a charge. The facility will only perform experiments with double-negative cells.

To request services, please contac to

If submitting somatic cells for hiPS cell generation, please see our preparation instructions.


Service List:

Media and Feeder

  • Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (hPSC) media
  • hPSC media for feeder-free culture
  • Fibroblast media
  • Embryoid Body media
  • Early differentiation media
  • Neuro-differentiation media
  • MEF feeder plate
  • Feeder-free coated plate

Cell Materials

  • hPSC Maintenance
  • hPSC Splitting (Enzyme/Mechanical)
  • hPSC Freezing
  • hPSC Thawing
  • hPSC Differentiation
  • Gene Targeting (transfection and selection)
  • FACS-based hPSC isolation

hiPSC Generation

  • Fibroblast Isolation from skin biopsy
  • Reprogramming somatic cells toward hiPSC
  • hPSC Characterization


Cell Sorting



* Stem Cell Core Facility is doing custom experiments as well.

* Please contact us for details.


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