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Stem Cell Core Facility Education and Training

The Stem Cell Core Facility offers small group training courses in human stem cell techniques. Small group training covers basic human stem cell culture techniques with practical and hands-on classes. *We will accept only those who have prior experience with tissue culture techniques.*

Small Group Courses for basic human pluripotent stem cell culture:

The instructor to trainee ratio for small group courses is up to 1:3. All small group courses will take place in the ICE tissue culture room.



  • Introduction/Lecture
  • Morphology of hPSCs
  • Media preparation
  • Feeder prepareation
  • Feeder-free ECM coating
  • Passaging hPSCs by emzyme and manual picking
  • Freezing/thawing hPSCs
  • Discussion



Training Fee




To enroll, please follow the steps.

1. Contact for scheduling.

2. Submit the copy of certificates of completion for JHU ISCRO compliance course, "Ethical Oversight of hSC Research 2010"

    If you have not complete yet, please click HERE.

    *Trainee must submit the copy of certificate to attend training course.




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