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Cell Sorting Service

Cell Sorter: BD FACSJazz

Laser: 3 lasers (488nm/640nm/405nm) 6 colors -- see Filter Guide

Collection: 1ml/5ml/15ml tubes, 6well-/24well-/96-well plates

Fee: $100.00/hour (no setting fee!)

"Make a reservation here!"
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What to bring:

  • Your filtered cells in 5ml polypropylene tube (BD352063)
  • Suggested cell concentration: 5x106 cells/ml
  • Sample of unstained cells and single color controls for each stain (when you have more than two colors)
  • Collection tubes or plate with media the sorted cells to be in

Please keep followings:

  • Please bring the clean cells only (mycoplasma-free confirmed no earlier than 2 weeks of sorting)
  • Please prepare cells under sterile condition
  • Please filter your cells with less than 40um strainer
  • Please use "polypropylene" tubes (BD352063), not polystyrene tube
  • Please be on time. We are charging for the time you book + overtime

Please email to for any questions.


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