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Lab-grown human red blood cell

Johns Hopkins Researchers Engineer Custom Blood Cells
Researchers have successfully corrected a genetic error in stem cells from patients with sickle cell disease, and then used those cells to grow mature red blood cells.


‘Crispr’ Science: Newer Genome Editing Tool Shows Promise in Engineering Human Stem Cells
A powerful “genome editing” technology known as CRISPR has been used by researchers since 2012 to trim, disrupt, replace or add to sequences of an organism’s DNA. Now, scientists at have shown that the system also alters human stem cells.

stem cells

Enzyme's Alter Ego Helps Activate the Immune System
Researchers showed that SPPL3 works to activate T cells, the immune system’s foot soldiers. SPPL3s structure is similar to that of presenilin enzymes, which have been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Locking Mechanism Found for 'Scissors' that Cut DNA
Researchers have found how DNA cutting is regulated when the body mixes and matches DNA to form antibodies against viruses and bacteria.


Toughest Breast Cancer May Have Met Its Match
Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University have discovered a way that breast cancer cells are able to resist the effects of chemotherapy — and they have found a way to reverse that process.

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