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a neuron and heart cell in a dish

Brain Cell ‘Executioner’ Identified
Despite their different triggers, the same molecular chain of events appears to be responsible for brain cell death from strokes, injuries and even such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s. Researchers have pinpointed the protein at the end of that chain of events that delivers the fatal strike by carving up a cell’s DNA.

a red myotube with multiple nuclei inside

New Treatment Strategy Could Cut Parkinson’s Disease Off at the Pass
Researchers report they have identified a protein that enables a toxic natural aggregate to spread from cell to cell in a mammal’s brain — and a way to block that protein’s action.Their study suggests that an immunotherapy already in clinical trials as a cancer therapy should also be tested as a way to slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease.

colored cells from a mini brain

MRI Guidance Shows Promise in Delivering Stem Cell Therapies
A team of scientists reports it has delivered stem cells to the brain with unprecedented precision by threading a catheter through an artery and infusing the cells under real-time MRI guidance. This new technique could be used to treat Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and other brain damaging disorders.

illustration of cancer cells

Gregg Semenza Wins Lasker Award for Insights into How Cells Sense Oxygen
Semenza is best known for his groundbreaking discovery of hypoxia-inducible factor 1, or HIF-1, the protein that switches genes on and off in cells in response to low oxygen levels.These findings could result in treatments for illnesses ranging from cancer to diabetes.

Mini Brain

New Hope for Zika Treatment Found in Large-Scale Screen of Existing Drugs
Researchers join collaborative group to screen 6,000 existing drugs in hopes of finding treatments for Zika Virus infection. Scientists report that a specialized drug screen test using lab-grown human cells has revealed two classes of compounds already in the pharmaceutical arsenal that may work against mosquito-borne Zika virus infections.

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