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Getting To The Root Of Parkinson's Disease
Working with human neurons and fruit flies, researchers at Johns Hopkins have identified and then shut down a biological process that appears to trigger a particular form of Parkinson’s disease present in a large number of patients.

Applying a magnetic field caused the nano-aAPCs-and their receptors-to cluster together, leading to T cell stimulation.

Magnetic Medicine
Using tiny particles designed to target cancer-fighting immune cells, Johns Hopkins researchers have trained the immune systems of mice to fight melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.

iPSC-derived vascular stem cells (white arrow) incorporating into a damaged retinal blood vessel and repairing it

Lab-Grown, Virus-Free Stem Cells Repair Retinal Tissue in Mice
Investigators at Johns Hopkins report they have developed human induced-pluripotent stem cells capable of repairing damaged retinal vascular tissue in mice.

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Permanent Changes In Brain Genes May Not Be So Permanent After All
Cells turn off genes they don't need, by attaching a chemical methyl group to the DNA. Scientists believed methyl groups could only stick to a particular DNA sequence. But, they've found they stick to other sequences in stem cells and brain neurons.

hypoxia in breast cancer cells

Rock And Rho: Proteins That Help Cancer Cells Groove
Biologists have discovered that low oxygen conditions, which often persist inside tumors, are sufficient to initiate a molecular chain of events that transforms breast cancer cells from being rigid and stationery to mobile and invasive.

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