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Assaf A. Gilad, Ph.D.

Research summary

Assaf Gilad
Assaf A. Gilad, Ph.D.

Imaging agents, from systemically administrated contrast materials to agents used for labeling and tracking transplanted cells, play an instrumental role in medical imaging. The Gilad lab is working toward improving existing metal-based agents, as well as engineering new agents based on proteins that can be detected with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These proteins can be made by engineered cells for use in therapies or diagnostic tests, or manufactured and purified from bacteria and then injected into tissue prior to imaging. Using advanced molecular and synthetic biology tools combined with cutting edge imaging technologies, the Gilad lab is modifying these proteins to optimize their production and sensitivity. Gilad's goal is to make safer imaging agents for detecting a wide range of cellular and molecular events.

Additional information

Associate Professor of Radiology

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