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Shaida Andrabi, Ph.D.

Research summary

Shaida Andrabi
Shaida Andrabi, Ph.D.

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability with no effective treatment available. There is a critical need to understand the molecular pathways of cell death in stroke so that important therapeutic targets can be identified. Defects in glucose metabolism, bioenergetic failure, mitochondrial damage and redox imbalance are all major hallmarks in the pathogenesis of stroke. The Andrabi lab studies molecular pathways of bioenergetic, redox and mitochondrial alterations in stroke. Their research employs advanced imaging technology, metabolic flux analysis and molecular biology in mouse and cell culture models of stroke. Ongoing research has identified several post-stroke modifications of glucose metabolizing enzymes in stroke. These pathological modifications cause defects in glucose metabolism and alter mitochondrial function. They are also studying how astrocyte glycogen stores can be utilized as alternative sources of energy to salvage brain tissue after stroke. This is critically important as deprivation of glucose and oxygen to the affected brain areas is the main cause of cell death in stroke. Andrabi’s goal is to identify molecular targets suitable for effective treatment in stroke and related brain injury.

The research group is also establishing induced pluripotent stem cell therapy in stroke. They are using combinations of live animal imaging and functional assessments to characterize the long-term safety and effectiveness of stem-cell therapy in stroke.

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Assistant Professor of Neurology

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