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Michael Matunis, Ph.D.

Additional Information

Key Publications

Zhu J, Zhu S, Guzzo CM, Ellis NA, Sung KS, Choi CY, Matunis MJ. (2008). SUMO binding determines substrate recognition and paralog-selective SUMO modification. J Biol Chem. 283, 29405-29415.  PubMed Link

Eladad S, Ye TZ, Hu P, Leversha M, Beresten S, Matunis MJ, Ellis NA. (2005). Intra-nuclear trafficking of the BLM helicase to DNA damage-induced foci is regulated by SUMO modification. Hum Mol Genet. 14, 1351-1365.  PubMed Link

Bernier-Villamor V, Sampson DA, Matunis MJ, Lima CD. (2002). Structural basis for E2-mediated SUMO conjugation revealed by a complex between ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Ubc9 and RanGAP1. Cell. 108, 345-356.  PubMed Link

Sampson DA, Wang M, Matunis MJ. (2001). The small ubiquitin-like modifier-1 (SUMO-1) consensus sequence mediates Ubc9 binding and is essential for SUMO-1 modification. J Biol Chem. 276, 21664-21669.  PubMed Link