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Proteomics Core - Visit the site
The proteomics core provides extensive mass spectrometry services for analyzing protein mixtures and purified proteins. Protein profiling using two-dimensional gel analysis and fluorescent labeling is also offered.  The facility is directed by Robert Cole, Ph.D.

ChemCORE - Visit the site
ChemCore offers a structurally diverse compound repository and high-throughput robotics laboratory services. ChemCore scientists will work with clients to help them optimize their enzymatic and biologic assays for 96 and 384 well format. A diverse suite of assay options is being developed. ChemCore is directed by Min Li, Ph.D. Email Dr. Li

Microarray Core - Visit the site
The microarray core provides Affymetrix hybridization and analysis services and databases for all experiments done at the facility. A variety of software analysis packages and individual consulting is offered to users. The core is planning to add real time PCR and two-color hybridization services in the future. The hybridization manager is Haiping Hao, Ph.D., and the system administrator is Bill Shi, Ph.D. Jef Boeke, Ph.D. is the director.

Genomics Resources -
The Genomics Resources in the Hit Center (operated through ChemCORE) provides automated picking of genome resources like bacteria-containing plasmids or systematic yeast strain collections. These resources can be picked to from complete collections of mammalian Open Reading Frames (ORFs), lentiviral-ready shRNA clones, and a wide variety of yeast deletion (YKO) strains.

Protein Microarray Core -
The Protein Microarray Core helps researchers conduct comprehensive, systematic analyses of proteomes, to determine how proteins interact, form complexes and create global functioning networks. The scientific manager is Jun Seop Jeong, Ph.D. and the business manager is Wendy Yap, Ph.D. The core is directed by Heng Zhu, Ph.D.


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