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blue cells

Call for Abstracts for 2017 Young Investigators' Day
Students and postdoctoral fellows at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are invited to submit abstracts for the 2017 Young Investigators Day by January 16. 


‘Shock And Kill’ Strategy For Curing HIV May Endanger Patients’ Brains
 A new study on HIV’s close cousin, simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), in macaques finds that a proposed curative strategy known as “shock and kill,” could backfire and make things worse if the virus is in fact lurking in the brain.



Human Ancestor ‘Lucy’ Was a Tree Climber
Analysis of special CT scans by scientists from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas at Austin suggests the female hominin spent enough time in the trees that evidence of this behavior is preserved in the internal structure of her bones

cells moving
Enzyme’s ‘Editing’ Preferences Have Implications for Infertility and Cancer
New collaborative research brings insight into how cells use this epigenetic machinery to shut off and protect parts of the genome during reproduction. The finding may one day shed light on some cases of infertility and cancer. 


Janice Clements
Where Cells Go: Mechanical and Chemical Cues Collaborate to Guide Them
A new study reveal that cells use the same network of molecules to react to both chemical and mechanical signals. The findings take scientists one step closer to understanding these biological processes roles during embryonic development, tumor metastasis, wound healing, and immune cell response.



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