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Molecular Link Between High Glucose, Metabolic Disease May Offer New Strategies To Control Diabetes
Scientists at Johns Hopkins say they’ve discovered a cause-and-effect link between chronic high blood sugar and disruption of mitochondria, the powerhouses that create the metabolic energy that runs living cells. 


Molecular Spies Sabotage a Protein's Activities in Specific Cellular Compartments
Scientists designed new molecular tools to allow them to watch, measure and manipulate AMPK’s activity in individual compartments of the cell, solving the mystery of its varied roles.


Paternal Sperm May Hold Clues to Autism
​In a small study, Johns Hopkins researchers found that DNA from the sperm of men whose children had early signs of autism shows distinct patterns of regulatory tags that could contribute to the condition. 


Spinal Surgery: Right on Target
A new software program works seamlessly with current procedures to assist the surgeon’s decision about which vertebra to target by accurately labeling vertebrae in the X-ray image in seconds.

hand holding an object

Touch-Sensing Neurons Are Multitaskers
With help from a mechanical exoskeleton that positioned monkeys' hands, researchers found that information about the feel of an object and the position of the limb are integrated as soon as they reach the brain by sense-processing brain cells.

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