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a penny

A Penny for Our Thoughts?
Researchers used a precision sensor in a chicken embryo to find dramatic differences in the use of copper between developing and fully mature neurons. The investigators say their findings reveal how brain cells quickly adjust copper allocation to satisfy their changing needs. 

a spider web

'Chopsticks of Light' Measure the Stretch in Spider Silk
Biophysicists discovered part of why spiders’ silk is so elastic: Pieces of its protein threads act like supersprings, stretching to five times their initial length. The investigators made the discovery while working on a tool that measures the pushes and pulls sensed by proteins in living cells.

tumor cells in the lung

Safety in Numbers, Even for Cancer Cells
New research in mice suggests that cancer cells rarely form metastatic tumors on their own, preferring to travel in groups since collaboration increases their collective chances of survival. The traveling cells also seem to be intrinsically resistant to chemotherapy.

ancient warriors

Growth Regulator Also Fights Infection
Studies on fruit flies have revealed that the Hippo network of proteins not only governs organ growth but can also rev up the immune system to combat certain bacterial infections.

a model of a protein

Making Weak TB Drugs Strong Again 
Biophysicists have discovered why the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) are naturally somewhat resistant to antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, and how drug developers can make fluoroquinolones more deadly.  


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