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Center for Innovative Medicine

Our Vision

We envision a world where Medicine is a Public Trust.

Our Mission

We are a think tank, and our mission is to serve Johns Hopkins and academic medicine. We bring the brightest minds in medicine to the challenge of finding and exploring the best ways to make medicine a better Public Trust. We do not just look to medicine for these ideas, but to the worlds of business, art, literature, and to other fields of science. Since good ideas, by themselves, don’t do much, we are also an incubator, where those good ideas hatch, are nurtured, tested in small programs and implemented on a larger scale.


We’re not going to ask you to dream with us. Dreams are wonderful things, things you might think about and sigh, and wish the world were a different kind of place. But they don’t often come true.

Instead, we’d like to invite you to share our vision. The big difference between a dream and a vision, at least the way we look at it, is that with a vision comes a plan for how we’re going to make it happen.

At the Center for Innovative Medicine, we envision a world where Medicine is a Public Trust. We believe that making this happen requires three things:

  • Putting the interests of the patient, family, and community first;
  • Promoting collaboration among scientists, clinicians and teachers; and
  • Creating a culture that encourages all of the people who work for a medical system to feel that they are part of something important.

Although we love technology and promote its wise use, in the end, the changes we are talking about mainly come down to people. To talking, and listening, and working together, and valuing each other, and trying to make life better through making medicine better.

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