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In addition to the free tools offered on this site, the Center for Innovation offers a wide range of services, from individual classes and targeted training programs for small groups, to more extensive consulting engagements with hospitals, physician practices, long-term care organizations, and health systems. 

We can work collaboratively with you to:

  • Adapt proven best practices to the culture of your hospital or unit in areas such as hospital-acquired infections and procedure complications
  • Prioritize your efforts, so that your energies go into projects that can have the most dramatic impact on both the quality of care and your organization’s bottom line.
  • Implement the comprehensive unit-based safety program to help engage your frontline staff, improve your safety culture, fix patient safety hazards, and take part in organization-wide safety initiatives
  • Enable the workplace culture-change that is required for adoption of new ways of delivering care
  • Design and implement practices that will improve efficiency, reduce length of stay and streamline operational processes
  • Leverage the wisdom of frontline providers in identifying areas to target for improvement, and work with those providers to develop solutions
  • Engage your organization in the effort by measuring your progress and feeding back the results
  • Develop the infrastructure that your organization needs to support and enable quality and safety efforts on the local level, such as within clinical units
  • Understand the business case for improving quality and patient safety, and communicate that case to your organization

We recognize that a single model of care does not work for all hospitals. Because of this, the Center for Innovation works with your physicians, nurses and senior leaders to tailor programs to your needs. We also recognize that every organization is at a different point in its journey. We adapt solutions to your environment and culture, so that we can help you—wherever you are in your journey—to reach your goals.


Success Story

Success StoryA New York health system traveled to Johns Hopkins for guidance in creating a patient safety program. Read how they turned their inspiration into action.


We've Changed Our Name

The Center for Innovation is now part of the new Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Learn more about the institute.


Please review training opportunities at the Armstrong Institute for a listing of upcoming workshops and online programs.

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