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Improvement Toolkits

The WIPES Program and the ambulatory hand hygiene program offer a variety of toolkits, and many of them can be downloaded free of charge. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a variety of hand hygiene tools, including WIPES.

Observer training video. Preview the observer training video, If you would like to purchase the CD which includes certification test, contact us.

Observer tool. Download the inpatient observer tool or the patient observation tool for the outpatient setting.

Infection-prevention Video. Watch the short video

Posters/Banners.  Involve your staff.  Download  poster templates       

Stickers. Download sticker template

Pocket card. Download pocket card template

Promotional Materials Placement Guide provides guidance on where to place posters, banners and stickers.  Download guide.

The WIPES Online Reporting Tool offers a secure website where members of your hospital staff can view the institution’s own data. In the near future they will also be able to compare that data to data from other hospitals of similar size. The online reporting tool provides three layers of data reports: 

 1. Hospital layer - percentage of compliance by:

  • service for the last month
  • unit for the last month
  • health care worker type for the last month

2. Service Layer - percentage of compliance by:

  • unit of the service for the last month
  • health care worker type for the last quarter

3. Unit Layer -  percentage of compliance by:

  • health care worker type for the last quarter

Data tables explaining the number of observations conducted and the compliance rates are displayed for each graph. Compliance is not calculated when the number of observations is less than 10. No staff name is recorded. For more information

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WIPES Reduces Transmission

wipesImproved hand-hygiene at The Johns Hopkins Hospital has led to reduced transmission of MRSA and VRE. Read the story.

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