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CUSP Tools for Improvement

Johns Hopkins has identified several tools to help improve communication and teamwork. Each tool comes with detailed instructions. 

We suggest that you adopt and implement three tools per year.

Tool NameWho Should Use ItGoal
Learning from DefectsRequirement for all units

Set up a local process to learn from and respond to defects locally, within the unit

Daily Goals Checklist

Units in which less than 60% agree with the item: “The physicians and nurses here work together as a well coordinated team.”

Improve team communication regarding patient’s plan of care

Morning Briefing Any setting where physicians, nurses and other providers work as a team to manage patientsPromote collaboration and better care coordination between physicians and frontline nurses
Shadowing Another Profession Any inpatient or outpatient care areaIdentify defects in communication, collaboration and teamwork between different disciplines, and develop methods for resolving these problems
Observing RoundsRecommended for all units
Enhance teamwork and communication behaviors across disciplines
Physician Call List
Recommended for all units

Improve the effectiveness of nurse-to-physician communication when using the paging system

Culture Debriefing ToolRecommended for all unitsMake culture survey results actionable through a structured process

A critical success factor in using tools for improvement is measuring compliance with the tool. It is not enough to simply state that the tools are being used. Staff-friendly reports of compliance should be posted in the unit, along with infection reports. The combination of these reports (seeing infections decrease as compliance increases) should be a motivating factor for continuous improvement.


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