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Sponsor the Center for Innovation

Why Work With Us?

Just as delivering twenty-first century medicine requires teamwork, so too does the task of advancing knowledge about safety and quality in health care delivery. With the help of our philanthropic and business partners, the Center for Innovation can discover better, more efficient ways to care for patients and populations. We also can disseminate what we have learned to health care organizations everywhere.

Individuals and organizations that support the Center have a valuable opportunity to shape how health care will be delivered in the future. Health care reform has brought many challenges, including bending the unsustainable cost curve of health care; recreating a delivery system that is not fragmented and coordinates the total health needs of patients; reducing the economic and human costs of medical errors and preventable complications; eliminating waste and redundant processes.

The Center leverages the expertise of Johns Hopkins to find solutions to these challenges.

However, we need your help.

Effective partnerships can help us to translate what we have learned into practice, and they will allow us to focus on achieving measurable improvements in outcomes and reductions in cost of care—at Johns Hopkins and across the nation.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can partner with us.

Support Work to Eliminate Health Care-Associated Infections and Complications
The steps to prevent infections and complications are often surprisingly simple; however, changing caregivers’ behavior so that these steps are consistently followed, is not. The Center for Innovation has expertise in engaging frontline providers and helping to change workplace cultures so that they will embrace new ways of delivering care. We seek partners who want to help reduce unnecessary deaths, complications, and health costs by introducing these programs into more hospitals.

Support Demonstration Projects for Health Care Reform
Health care reform will require the creation of new models of care delivery and reimbursement that optimize health value. System changes are needed to focus on health and wellness promotion, moving the payment system away from encouraging unnecessary care, and encouraging better care coordination among physicians, hospitals and other providers. The Center seeks partners to help us conduct real-world demonstrations of different strategies to reverse the unsustainable increase in health care costs.

Bring the Center’s Programs to Underserved Areas 
There are health care organizations that would greatly benefit from the Center’s guidance but cannot pay for it. The center seeks partners who are willing to help bring our expertise to other hospitals in the form of workshops, training, consultations, and other engagements.

Collaborate to Solve a Clinical Problem
Many corporations want to improve current—or create new—innovative devices, systems, and services for the health care market. Johns Hopkins clinicians have direct experience and frustration with current devices and products on the market. These caretakers often have valuable insights and ideas around improvements to current products, or gaps to fill with new products, devices or services. The Center seeks to collaborate with these organizations to exploit their respective capabilities and develop prototype solutions for clinical problems.

Train and Engage Health Care Leaders and Caregivers to Improve Care
Johns Hopkins—and other academic medical centers—have developed extensive science around best practices. What is lacking is translation of that science into bedside care. The Center seeks to create learning networks of professionals around key topic areas such as improving ICU care and improving surgical care in order to spread learning and best practices more quickly.

Create a Patient Safety Fellowship
The Center hopes to build an alliance of dedicated, innovative, change-oriented clinicians who will work to redefine the status quo. The Center seeks, through fellowships supported by you or your organization, to train and nurture leaders who will continue the quest for ideal patient care and build the organizational capacity for innovation and pursuit of quality.

For more information on these opportunities, and to discuss how you or your organization can benefit from being a corporate partner with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Center for Innovation, please contact Stephanie Peditto, Director of Innovation, at


We've Changed Our Name

The Center for Innovation is now part of the new Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Learn more about the institute.


Please review training opportunities at the Armstrong Institute for a listing of upcoming workshops and online programs.

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