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About Us

The Center for Innovation works with health care organizations to:

  • Become safer. We help our partners to identify where harm is occurring, to diminish the risk of medical errors, and to reduce preventable infections and complications. We know that safety improvement involves more than dictating new behaviors, but requires fostering a culture of safety that will embrace new practices.
  • Get leaner and more efficient. We work with hospitals to eliminate sources of waste in their care delivery processes, whether it involves improving patient flow, reducing preparation time for medications, or capturing billable services. These waste reductions frequently save lives while saving resources.
  • Work smarter. We can help you to move from safety and quality projects that you hope are working to projects that you know are making organization-wide quantifiable, demonstrated difference. From the board to the floor, we can work with you ensure your organization provides highly reliable care, that you are a learning organization that continually improves, and that you prioritize where to invest your limited time and resources so that your efforts have the greatest sustainable benefit and create a return on your investment.

Health care is at a breaking point. Old ways of doing things will not work in today’s environment of cost-cutting, heightened regulatory requirements and increasingly complex systems of care. Health care teams need new skills and tools to empower, lead and sustain a quality-focused organization.


We've Changed Our Name

The Center for Innovation is now part of the new Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Learn more about the institute.


Please review training opportunities at the Armstrong Institute for a listing of upcoming workshops and online programs.

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